Pleated Skirt Outfit

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The pleated skirt always reminds me of the first feminists. Beehive hairdoos cat eye glasses and fighting for women’s rights. Another piece is blue jeans. This look is about being chic but still comfortable. Fall is knocking at the door … Continued

Fitness Motivational Quotes

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Shop Fitness Tanks Now : )  My alarm goes off at 6AM. I don’t need this right now. What I need right now is a good morning back massage from that one guy David who’s in my bio chem class. … Continued

Best Songs From Grey’s Anatomy

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Alexandra Patsavas you are a musical god. Being in charge of the songs for Grey’s Anatomy is no small task. You have millions of people feendishly watching the show and you have not dissapointed. You have been the supervisor for … Continued

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