Dr. Bronner’s Is Probably The Best Soap Ever

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Have you ever heard of Dr. Bronner’s Magic soap? Probably not, and while it won’t grant you three wishes or give you glass slippers in your backyard it definitely will get you woken up in the morning, make you smell like a mint sauna and it’s all natural. I know right… Whaaa.


I first found DB or as I affectionately call him, dirty bitch, when I was visiting a friend in Germany. I was taking a shower in his flat and this blue bottle bottle start flirting with me heavy so I popped open the cap and smelled the tonic and my eyes widened. The aroma was intoxicating, so I put a few drops in my hands and lathered up. That’s all it took, a few drops.


Since then I have had a passionate love affairs with Dr. Bronner, and he has seen my most intimate sides.


After I first used the soap I wanted to learn more and now I’m a pass that new knowledge onto you boo.


Here’s a review of why Dr. Bronner’s is the best soap ever.



It’s Super Concentrated

You need only a few drops and it will go a long long way. For me, this totally justifies the price. You can get it on Amazon for $16.99 and 32 liter bottle will last you like six months if you know what you’re doing.



It Smells Totally Amazing

Seriously, I am in love with the smell. I go for the classic peppermint bottle and it’s all I need. The best part is that it wafts out of the bathroom after I’ve taken a shower and makes my apt smell crisp.



It Makes Your Body Tingle

There is nothing like a night out with the babes, too many tequillas and then a hungover shower with Dr Bronner’s. The peppermint makes your whole body tingle and you come out feeling so refreshed. I also really like this aspect of DB when I have early morning obligations.



There’s No Residue

You know how some soaps leave that gross film on your skin? None with DB. He leaves behind no baggage.



The Aesthic of the Bottle Is Great

Look at it, ‘nough said.

dr bronners review melonkiss


It Actually Is Magic, Like You can Use It For Everything

Here’s a few things you can do with it:

Dental Cleaning
Mouth Wash
Foot Soak
Laundry Wash
Pet Wash
Household Cleaner
Fruit & Vegetable

One girl ever replaced all her beauty products with DB.


All Natural

So natural, you can pronounce every word on the bottle. Also they don’t do any animal testing and everything in it is 100% vegan. 



I hope this has been informative. If you’re now a believer, you can get Dr. Bronner’s on Amazon.

dr bronners review melonkiss